The Art of Chinese Wrestling

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What is Shuai Jiao?

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” Shuai jiao (Chinese: 摔跤 or 摔角; pinyin: Shuāijiāo) is the term pertaining to the (Chinese) jacket wrestling" - Wikipedia. The origins of this art is traced back thousands of years and remains Chinese Martial Art’s only wrestling style.

“The objective of Shuai Jiao is to eliminate threat”- Master Jeng Hsing Peng.
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The oldest club in the U.S.:
Teaching "Baoding Style - the lineage that is known as Kuai Jiao (快跤)/'Fast Wrestling'" as taught to us by Master Jeng Hsing Peng. Traditional (Shuai) throws, strikes (Da & Ti) and joint locking (Na).
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Classes and seminars:
We partner with friends to provide seminars to add to their curriculum and promote Traditional Chinese Wrestling.
Please enjoy videos on basic (and necessary) techniques. Please feel free to reach out: Info@ShuaiJiao.US
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Shuai Jiao has spread throughout the world. If you have the opportunity try a class to add to your martial art experience.

(*Please note: We do not recommend any school, club or instructor and cannot be responsible for the actions of others.)

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